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Trustpilot Ruined my Business

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Trustpilot Review Management

Google any company/business name and you will find in the results that there is probably an entry from Trustpilot.

For those of you who do not know Trustpilot is a website where you can go to leave a review of a company that you have done business with.

That’s fine if you are a large company and have hundreds of reviews, the odd one or two from a nutter wouldn’ t make much difference to your business reputation, but if like me you are a small business then just 1 bad review can ruin your business. I know it’s happened to me..

What made it worse for me is that the only review I had was the bad one !!! completely untrue by the way but never the less it ruined me…

Trustpilot Review management service

Trustpilot are of no help. All they said to me after a crazy person gave an untrue review of my service was “get some of your clients to give you a positive review ”

So basically there is no come back, if some nutter gives your company an untrue review there’s nothing you can do about it except reply to their lies !!

When someone reads the untrue review even if it is a pack of lies they are probably going to believe it. Great, thanks a bunch Trustpilot.

So, after some thought I came up with a way of counteracting the untrue review that ruined my business and should restore my company reputation.

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